Friday, November 09, 2007

Aikido Bootcamp!

Sensei Noveen smsed a bunch of us on Wednesday and said there'd be an evening class if anyone was interested. My first couple of classes had gone quite well, so I thought why not. Little did I know what was waiting for me.

Turns out it was to be the Aikido torture bootcamp class from hell. Multiple flips, running laps back and fort across the dojo, endless Kihon Dosa. Just when everyone thought things were over, it suddenly was time for sit-ups, back and abdominal exercises.

Now I'm not complaining, it was more concern for my fellow Aikidoka, I mean, they're kids. Just look at the immense pain and torture in their faces.

Hmm ok, Azim doesn't look so bad, but maybe it's the angle...

Ok ok, I guess he did quite ok, but then there's Daria, poor poor girl...

Hmm... (she actually did a whole extra session before the actual one, unbelievable!)

Ah hah! As I suspected, half dead! Ok ok, he's just pretending, I forced him to pose that way.

Anyway that's not the point. I think the kids are secretly grateful that they have an amazing senior like me. The pinnacle of fitness and determination. Someone they can always look up to for inspiration...

Ok maybe not.