Saturday, July 29, 2006

Aikido: 1000 Flips

Oh my achin' back! Really need to work on my rolls and flips. Just got to keep at it. Training is the key, do it enough times earnestly, and something's gotta improve, no shortcuts to it. 1,000 flips, 1,000 rolls. Did a lot of them in class today, which I'm happy about.

Forward roll

Ukemi (Receiving the throw/attack) is almost as important as the actual defense techniques in Aikido. Kinda satisfying when you do a roll, and you give the mat that loud thwack as you land.

I wanna do this! (Nope, not the guy on the right, the other one, on the left, hehehe)

That does it! Extra practice after the next class. Can't wait!

Illustration 1:
Illustration 2:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Aikido: Sunday Demo

Sunday was great. Our dojo participated in a demo in Seremban, for Hari Kecergasan Kanak-Kanak.

I came to help out, as the performance was done by the kids. First up was a dance routine, followed by a Judo performance. Then came our turn, followed by wushu and a lion dance.

After Judo, came my performance. I was simply amazing. Such grace, and power in my movements. Actually, I was just the mat layer, better known as stage kuli hehehe. Still you can't blame one for taking pride in his job :)

Anyway, after the mats were laid, the real heroes came out. Our juniors came out and started their performance. What a show! Kudos to them for giving 100% and impressing the crowd.

Whoa! Sometimes in Aikido if you wanna see how something should be done, go and look at how kids do it. Now I know who to go to when I want to correct my flip rolls. Don't be fooled, these kids can teach any adult a thing or two.

They performed Kihon Dosa, which is a basic kata or movement in Yoshinkan Aikido. This was followed by some rolls, flips, and even somersaults! Next, came some techniques performed in slow motion, then at normal speed. The crowd was very appreciative, and gave tremendous applause.

Next, Dayang came up. Phwoarrr! She performed Jiyu Waza (closest to freestyle sparring in Aikido) on Noveen Sensei, and man did it looked brutal from where I was standing. I think I heard some gasps from the audience, looking in amazement. Very impressive. Dayang is only 14, which is probably why hehe. Jealous! I want to be a Shodan too! Patience Imran, patience! Arrghh!

Anyway, took some photos with my camera phone. Waiting for some other photos, and a stunning video of Dayang and Noveen Sensei in action. Oo also I just started using Tabblo, this new photo service. Click below to see the pictures, comments and criticism are welcome. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Aikido: Sensei Francis Klyne

Sensei Francis Klyne, Aikido teacher of my childhood days was highlighted in The Star yesterday. I had just woken up when my dad came in and gave me the papers, showing the article.

Sensei Francis Klyne

My early teacher of Aikido

Sensei Francis taught me, as well as my brothers as children. Back then he was a towering figure to us kids, but somehow we were never intimidated, as he had a very gentle and kind demeanour about him.

What I remember most was how he made classes fun for us kids, and how he put up with our antics in the dojo (Used to always go for the weapons, and hurt ourselves, or fight with my brothers heh heh).

Still going strong

He would train alongside the kids, and take amazing falls, with the most amazingly loud slams on the mat I ever heard. I really believed I was this powerful kid, being able to throw a person of his size, which I guess led me to learning to love Aikido, heh heh.

Thank you Sensei Francis, and hope to see you soon.

Here's the article from The Star:

A guru’s kick in life

At first glance, Francis Klyne may look like any other senior citizen. But don’t be quick to judge this martial arts guru as he can still take on younger opponents with just a twist of his hand before hurling them into the air. The 65-year-old has almost five decades’ experience as an Aikido practitioner and received his early training at the martial art’s headquarters in Japan. Despite his credentials, Klyne has always maintained a low profile until recently when his disciples “coaxed” him to agree to some publicity. The father of two was the first student of illustrious Aikido master K.Thambirajah who was the first Malaysian to be graded the rank of “Shodan” (1st dan) in June 1957 by the Japanese Government. Thambirajah, 82, has also been endorsed as the Oldest Practising Aikido Instructor in the country by Malaysia Book Of Records. Klyne repeatedly praised Thambirajah for teaching him the martial art. “I am indebted to him for parting with his skills that eventually moulded me into what I am today,” he said. Born in Seremban, Klyne devoted most of his life to martial arts including Judo, but was intrigued with Aikido because of the pain inflicted on opponents by the locks and grips. In the late 1970s, he had received several awards from the Negri Sembilan Government for thwarting crime in Seremban. Klyne has also formed his own martial arts centre in Taman Bukit Blossom, Seremban, where he trains almost 50 students. “My soul is devoted to martial arts and I will continue to teach until my last breath,” he added.