Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Aikido: International Shudokan Aikido Gasshuku

I had the privilege of attending the International Shudokan Aikido Gasshuku the whole of last week. International not in location (Seremban, KL then Port Dickson), rather, international in that the participants came from Australia, UK, Indonesia, and some from Iran, Vietnam and Libya.

The programme itself was rather simple, training hard everyday, morning and evening, under amazing Senseis or Masters of Aikido, especially Sensei Joe Thambu who I have mentioned before in an earlier piece. Had to work extra hard as I was the only representative from Seremban Dojo (Birthplace of Shudokan Aikido), and me only a white belt! Woooo pressure.

Met loads of people, who were all very nice, and not all from our style of Aikido. Aikikai students from Singapore and Phillipines also attended.

In between training there were demonstrations in Seremban, KL and Port Dickson. During the whole thing, I had to MC a dinner (of 200!), sell t-shirts (what the??), take a midnight stroll on the beach (nice), roti canai at 1am (yum), and loads of other stuff.

Anyway learnt a lot, met people, had fun. Nuff said. I'll update this piece with pictures once I've got them all from various sources.

Update: Photos added

Seremban Dojo

1. Enrica, Nicole, Me
2. Sensei Thamby Rajah with Aikidoka from all over
3. Phew, training's over!

Tiara Beach Resort Training

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

1. Aikido Chicks
2. Indon Crew
3. The 5 Roommates

Port Dickson

The Senseis

1. Senseis from Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, and UK
2. Sensei Gerard doing what he does best
3. Sensei Mark, Sensei Damon, and Sensei Jeremy

The Amazing Kids

1. Seremban Dojo kids woohoo!
2. Dhuha the Amazing
3. Awang the Awesome


1. Syuhada and Salihah
2. Salihah kicking ass!
3. Sensei Joe Thambu
4. Sensei Mark, me! (The one pulling his stomach in mwahahahaha)