Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kendo Grading

Some pictures from my recent Kendo grading :)

Registration and number assignment

Woot! Ready to go!

My turn! (2nd from the right)

Younger (and higher ranking) kids, grading in armour

Waiting for results

Lowest ranked amongst the three

Moral Support

Woohoo! My results just got announced! :)


Yen Chin said...

hey imran how come no wedding pics on ur blog??
i'm going to KL today for work!

Imran said...

yen chin

They're on the way :) You're in KL? How long you here for? Gimme a call when you're free.

b o o said...

but rank number 1 in your sayang's heart :)

dramareina said...


Imran said...


Hehe definitely :)


Thanks! Really happy about it. It was awesome!