Monday, May 21, 2007

Aikido: Hard Sessions

Migi Kamae

Aikido session yesterday was intense, and tough. Spirit seems to be strong in the dojo all round. Body aching all over, but it's all good, just hope to be ok for Kendo on Wednesday.

Focused a lot on Kihon Dosa, or basic movements, with an extra half hour drill at the end of class. Technique wise, learnt a move invented by Sensei Soh Har, who was there on the day to teach us! At the end of it, my legs were ready to give way, and fainting seemed to be a pleasant option at the time.

All worth it though, as at the end, Abang Zaki treated us all to some good food, as a way to celebrate his son's (Azizi) great performance in the Japan Open International Taekwondo Championship in Osaka recently. He received a gold and silver medal as well as the Best Performer Award! Well done Azizi! (Click here)


Sweet message from Awang

Thanks Abang Zaki!

Teachers, family, friends

Arrgh forgot to Photoshop my belt!

Soh Har Sensei

Thamby Sensei, Father of Malaysian Aikido


dramareina said...

finally!!! after such a long wait!!! :-) cool Migi Kamae shot. ur such a comic.

b o o said...

great pics as usual :) so what was for lunch?

Imran said...


Glad you like em. Migi Kamae shot? Do you do Aikido too?


Thanks! Lunch was fish, and chicken, and beef, and curry, and two types of rice, all brought by my dojo mate, but I was too tired to eat lol. What a shame eh?

Erra said...

*garu kepala*

citer lain tak de ke?

Imran said...


Dah tu, nama blog pun inthe"KI"ofim hehehe. Also the other things to cerita, cannot cerita at the mo. Stay tuned! :p

dramareina said...

what cerita? want to hear more of your cerita! :-)

by the by, me doing aikido? ;-)

Ihsan said...

this comment has nothing to do with aikido.. but here it is,
anything you dont approve of please inform me.. i'll do what i can, for the mean time, enjoy your honeymoon!! :)

Imran said...

The photos are awesome, you're a good photographer :) Insya'Allah will update this blog soon. Thanks!