Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kendo: I <3 Kiri-kaeshi

Went to my second Kendo class since I got back from London today. First class last week was a bit slow, as I had to train with total noobs, doing basic swings (zzzz....) Today was soo much better! Trained with the seniors, met my old dojo mates, and got to do practice drills (waza-geiko) with the seniors. Did my fave drill, Kiri-kaeshi (see vid below) I like! Still kinda rusty, missing the target a few times, and need to focus on proper posture and form.

Still, was a good session, looking forward to next class.


dramareina said...

getting better in kendo? that's great! :) still wish you'd post pics of you doing your arts ;)

Imran said...


Getting a bit better. I wish I had pics of my dojo too, maybe next time, when I get someone to take my pics in class.